Why Battersby HR Consulting?                    

It's nice to know we can just pick up the phone
and get practical, helpful advice when we need it

Craig Hanham, Unitech Industries


If you're an employer needing help with Human Resources issues or compliance for your business, you have come to the right place.

Battersby HR Consulting is based in Auckland, New Zealand, and was founded in 1999 to work with businesses that don't need to employ a full-time Human Resources Manager but who sometimes have staff problems, or do need HR advice and guidance from time to time.

Astute employers have found that outsourcing their HR function gives them professional assistance, knowledge and experience at a fraction of the cost of having their own HR team - a smart move.

We keep up to date so you don't have to.

Our clients see us as an out-sourced on-call HR support - just a phone call away. Consulting services range from producing employment documents, policies and procedures that meet legislative requirements to supporting recruitment and selection activities. We are also experienced in assisting workplace change, employee relation issues (disciplinary, grievances and redundancies) and performance management.

We can give hands-on assistance with identifying and implementing practical HR processes and guidance in situations that require the skills of an HR consultant who is professional, down to earth, practical, and independent of your company. Like having your own HR Manager - on your premises but off your payroll.

The human resource function can be extremely time consuming, taking you away from running your business. It can also be demanding keeping up-to-date with employment legislation and compliance - and expensive if you get it wrong.

We can work at whatever level of commitment you require, from a simple one-off project or an on-going on-call relationship where we are involved with all aspects of your HR needs. Now, every employer can afford to have a highly skilled Human Resources Manager on their team! And - only as often as you need us.


If you have Battersby HR Consulting as human resource specialists for your business you:

• Will receive practical, sound knowledge and advice on current HRissues

• Will minimise your exposure to non compliance by ensuring your procedures and processes comply with the Employment Relations Act and other employment legislation

• Receive sound up-to-date knowledge and advice on current HR issues

• Benefit from our years of experience and expertise

• Will free up your time to spend on the core activity of running your business


 They represent excellent value for money and I would recommend them.

Robert Covich, General Manager, Retko Haulage, Auckland

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